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Milano Ristorante

Italian Cuisine


About Us

Come in, order from our extensive menu and sit back and enjoy the international ambiance. Our owner and executive chef, John Braga focus on making fresh and simple dishes from scratch daily. No pretenses or preservatives; just an honest appreciation for the ingredients and tradition.
We pride ourselves on allowing the natural flavors of the ingredients speak for themselves! Our ways may sound simple but our food is anything but!
Come by and see us!

Raw Pasta

Operating Hours

Sunday: 12pm - 08pm
Monday: C L O S E D
Tuesday: 05pm - 09pm
Wednesday: 05pm - 09pm
Thursday: 05pm - 09pm
Friday: 12pm - 10pm
Saturday: 12pm - 10pm

* We stop seating 30 mins prior to closing


Osso Bucco

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Our Food

Fresh Fare


Osso Bucco


Linguine Pescatore



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